Long Layered

What I love most about growing up and living here in Cebu is that, I could come up with a lot of ideas on how to style on something that could take me anywhere. It's quite challenging, I know but if you're like me who's usually with people with 50 shades attitude (and when I say 50 shades attitude, it means that their mind is unstable in a way. They're just not very sure about their decisions yet that it'll take them a little more time to finally decide), you don't have any choice but to pile on clothes that are appropriate enough to almost anywhere you could possibly go! Challenged, yes? I suggest to everyone, especially to those who are living here in Cebu, to also discover your sense of style with a different theme like this- "something that could take you anywhere". If ever you need a little help, just click the "Contact" navigator in my blog and email me! I'd be more than willing to help!

I wore these long layered silhouettes when I had a weekend spent with my family and I was right, we went to different places. My instincts were right and it did save me! lol! This look is still part of my gloomy weather dressing and I know it's kinda awkward to double layer long silhouettes but check out how it looks at the back (see photo above) I know the photo's kinda blurry but the cuts of my long cardigan still made it stylish. I added up some color to my look through my yellow shirt, at least I could see something bright despite the gloomy day! And I know you've noticed my over used heart sling bag, necklace and long cardi. I'm just currently in love with these pieces right now, they're such a statement! Need I say more?

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top/long cardigan/skirt/necklace/bag, Cole Vintage flats, A.G. Cordeshoppe black and gold ribbon bracelet]

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