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Ever since the month of June started, I got problems of taking outfit shots! It gets gloomier every single day and heavy rains have been pouring moodily so expect that most of my photos are gloomy weathered shots. And speaking of gloomy, shades of light gray clouds, dark gray clouds and white skies is all I could see when I wake up in the morning and I guess that's one reason that keeps me dressing in the same hues! Have you noticed now? I expect you notice more on my future posts! Haha!

I really don't have any idea why I usually encounter unplanned getaways but I love those little surprises and that's what actually happened when I came up with this ensemble. I even got a hard time to decide where to go! It's really obvious how lazy this kind of dressing is but still very stylish, yes? And I had to say, statement pieces really make a statement! I wore this when I spent time with my bff catching things up with each other before the classes start (btw, I wore this 2 days before the first day of class started) so I really need to be comfy and it was also a bit rainy that day. I was very hungry 'cause I didn't have a proper meal during the day. It's not so me but then waking up very late during the last few days of summer break is so me! Like hellooooo, I can't do that anymore when classes start! Agree? Relate? I know you do! Haha! So I had a great healthy dinner with my bff but I didn't felt that full because of my food though, I got full so quick because I talked a lot of stuffs that night. lol.

And no I'm not making you guys hungry here. Just sharing these two photos again just in case you didn't see them when I shared them via Twitter (@zaaaaiii) and Facebook. Teehee.

The effortless statement pieces I piled here would definitely be my long cardigan from WAGW and my rivet flats from Romwe. And I just accessorized the look with geeky glasses. If I wasn't a paramedical student and if only wearing shorts during classes is allowed, this would be one outfit I'd wear in school. It's just very comfortable and it's weather friendly as well but it complements more on rainy season for me.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top/long cardigan, Style Breaker high waist shorts (old), Marni bag, Romwe rivet flats, Thrifted geeky glasses]

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