Sweet Camo

Summer is finally over and it's back to edgy looks and dark hues! Okay okay fine. I was just kidding. You guys know how much I am addicted to natural hues and how much I love fun colors but I guess I could say now that it's about time to discover fully my edgy side starting with this look. Well, are you guys ready to rumble? lol! By the way, I really did this on purpose-blogging so early 'cause it's Father's Day and I'll spend the rest of the time today with the fambam! That's how much I love you guys! *insert sweet smile with batting eyes here*

For the first time ever, I finally conclude that I am a girly girl. Why? Because even if I'm in a camo skirt and in an edgy ensemble, I still gave my look a touch of that girly girl through my heart sling bag. Now doesn't that prove I'm not a rebel kind of person? Haha! Anyway, this look screams minimalism as well. Lesson? You don't have to put a lot of bling blings around you in order to look edgy! I know you're not really used to seeing me in this kind of look so I'll give you guys free pass to tell me about what you think. I may not do the very serious and pouty faces like how edgy fashionistas do, but I'm really a very smiling kind of person except when it's the first time you'll see me though. (and that's according to my friends!) Haha! But I swear I'm not the snobbish type.

What do you think about my look?
And before I forget, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to your Dad's!

[Papaya Clothing top, Tangerine skirt, WAGW bag, Forever 21 wedges/bangles]

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  1. edgy and cool! :) love the camo skirt and how your cool shoes matched your whole outfit!