Online shopping has become very popular these days especially here in our country. I consider myself as an online shopper and I do transactions for shopping, blog giveaways, sponsors and even for gifts. I made it a point to get to know our most popular and trusty online shops first before I get international because I wanted to see the progress of country through our fellow Filipino entrepreneurs, businessman/women. It's not about doubting but it's more of being to be more proud as a citizen, and I was beyond happy that I discovered how amazing they are myself! (P.S. that includes how amazing Philippine made products are!) So since I'm satisfied enough about the safety and quality of most of our online shops here, I am now open to try and discover it myself again the online shops of other countries.

I know I surprised you guys because the photos above aren't me. Apologies for that but I'm really here to talk to you about something. You'll know it in a while. We all know that international online shopping is a bit scary and it gets spendy in a way because of the shipping rates to our country. And of course we don't want to be fooled around some fake shops and waste money! I've always thought that all international online shops are very expensive not because of the currency rate from theirs to ours but because they are usually found in very successful countries. 

But when I found out about eFoxCity, my whole vision of online shops outside our country has changed! eFoxCity is an wholesale/retail shop from HongKong and they sell stuffs from apparels to accessories for both men and women, wholesale and retail at a very very low price. I looked through their site and picked some items that I eyed for me to blog about (which are the ones you saw above) and you'd be really surprised to know that most of the items above are ranging from $8.15-$25.00! And the lowest price of their apparels is $3.99! Now, tell me where else to find something like that from other international online shops?  The most amazing part? They have their own factory, which means that everything they sell is originally made by them. Not to mention, they also have wedding gowns for sale with great discounts! Though I didn't include it here but you can find it in their website. Now have I convinced you enough? I hope I did! Click on the links below for easy access on their site! 

Quick access on affordable dresses and wedding gowns.
E-mail: efoxcity@gmail.com
Contact: +1 (315) 510-5588
You can also follow them on: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest

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  2. I love efoxcity too! :))