I know, I know I owe you guys an explanation for being absent for a couple of days and that you miss me so bad! (come on, don't deny it! lol!) You know already how long and bad the enrollment goes in college right? And I was a bit busy enough hanging out fully with my friends and loved ones while I could still give all my time to them before classes start BUT that doesn't mean I'm ignoring and forgetting my readers, okay? Before you press the 'x' mark on this tab, please hear me out first! I hope you can forgive me for not continuing the PhFW posts 'cause they're just so freakin' many and I have a gazillion faves and picks that I'd rather come back with my looks 'cause I enjoy them sharing to you better than just making a very quick but long post showing photos with a few words to say or in other words, I'd rather exert effort for my readers through my personal posts! And I also know that you love that too. *shy smile*

 Moving on, it's a bit hard to do outfit shots on a gloomy weather because you'll never know when the rain will fall! It's that challenging! Haha! Though I could never do anything about it. But if the sun came up, the sunnies above would be a perfect additional accessory! (Just use your imagination nalang just like me. lol) Anyway, I wore this look to another family dinner few weeks ago. I love family dinners, it makes your relationship with everybody get stronger and nothing gets comfier with soft types of clothing like lace and mesh together! I liked how my minty ensemble lightened my mood and when I sparkled them a bit with my metallic belt and jeweled necklace, it just gave more glow to the whole look! If you wondered about the title of this post, well, this minty look reminded me of the old minty candy named Smint. I bet 90's and below kids know about this. 

Never the heck how my hair needs treatment already (will hopefully do it few days from now), my skin kinda plays a weird role if it gets a little bit cold. It's either going to get bumpy or smooth sailing. Well, if you know what I mean! Haha! Please bear with it.

What do you think about my sminty ensemble?

[Bayo lace top (old), WAGW mesh cardigan/belt/clutch, Bubbles skirt, Tutum flats, Yhansy necklace, Les' Moda sunnies, Tomato metallic gold bracelet, Mia Casa braided bracelet, Tendence watch]

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  1. Love your Skirt! And I followed your blog! Hope you could check out my blog too ;)

    My Cup of Tea

    1. Thank you Angelie! Checked out your blog and found it cute :)