Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 (3rd)

Androgynous, silk, abaca, plain, silhouettes and styles, cuts, sequins, glitters, metallic, sheer/tulle, embellishments, layering are just some of the many unique styles I'd love to try and play with. And with all of these new collections and creative ideas brought to life, I am truly more than inspired that I could think of more ways to play around with what I have in my wardrobe heaven! I am pretty much sure you guys will get creative too! I would be really happy if all my readers start discovering what they want and how they dress according to their likes and convenience 'cause that's part of why I decided to blog right? Well, let's learn and get creative together!

Layer Cake: Yako Reyes Holiday 2013;

The Silk Road: Xernan Orticio Holiday 2013;

New World Proper: Penshoppe Holiday 2013 (one of my most favorite!)

Golden Girls: Tina Daniac Holiday 2013;

Dance Hall Daze: Veejay Floresca Holiday 2013;

Screen Siren: Vania Romoff Holiday 2013;

Playground In Her Mind: Lizanne Cua Holiday 2013 (one of my most faves as well!);

Song of Summer: Randall Solomon Holiday 2013;

Can you sense it now? That since day one, the collections kept growing from the usual styling to high fashion? Pretty much it is! No wonder why hollywood celebrities wear designs from our designers. There's more amazing "Ooh" and "Aaah"s coming up!

Photos grabbed from Status Magazine.
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Thank you!

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