Weekend Dip

Nothing beats the stress the city life brings unless you go somewhere peaceful and have a dose of fresh air! Well, you know what I'm referring to, the province that is! Long hours of road trip may seem tiring (unless you're like me who's used to traveling) but everything's worth the wait when you get to the destination, right? In my case last weekend, my family and I drove away from the usual city living and visited some relatives and friends in the province where my grandma grew up--Argao, Cebu. It is located downtown and you can travel it from around 2-3hrs from the city unless you live north. lol!

Today, I'll be sharing a mini photo diary of our short weekend getaway. We didn't stay in our ancestral house but instead, we spent our time on one of the few resorts we just discovered there. It's called Js Js. One unique fact that this resort has is that it is built on top of the mountain and I admit it has the most romantic view at night! It is very private and I'm pretty sure it's perfect for family and friends getaway! If you're so curious and worried about driving up there, there's really nothing to worry 'cause the road going there is plain cemented and not rocky. I hope you'll enjoy this little post I'm sharing and I only took photos on the day we checked out 'cause you know, I was having quality time with the fambam!

I just can't help but get comfy with my favorite ombre maxi skirt and a heart print shirt, a watch and a necklace, a sling bag that stores only the most important things, pretty sandals and my no make up face but I wore a tinted lip balm this time. Yes, you heard it right, a tinted lip balm! It's very convenient this summer season. Thanks to Burt's Bees, they really thought out of the box 'cause they're actually the very first brand to invent one and to think of, their brand is all natural which makes it a plus!

[Random top (old), Forever 21 maxi ombre skirt, SM Accessories bag (old), Tendence watch, Pinky Toes sandals, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm]


  1. I love getaways :))
    nice resort!

  2. that looks amazing.
    ...and you look so cute, that lip colour you are wearing is so beautiful on you! x