A for Awesome

In situations when you need to be out to be with important people during the day (but not necessarily on a meeting, more like hanging out) and the weather surprises you with a lazy kind, you're left dressing up lazy as well! lol! I won't say that what I just said isn't true 'cause that's what I did when I had this as easy as one two three ensemble! 

P.S. Please excuse my super grown out ugly hair :( I'm still waiting for my treatment medicine to reach Cebu. I sure did a lot of effort to make sure it doesn't look bad for my outfit shots. I hope you guys find it good enough.

Now don't my photos look like I'm having a shoot on apparels? Haha! It just reminds me of fashion mags like that. But anyway, enough of the "har! har's!", doesn't this look scream comfortable and chic at the same time? And the color of the sweater is just way too opposite on the gloomy clouds and the dark skies. Looks like the sweater itself screamed the kind of weather I wanted that day. Let's just say that, I want to have clear blue skies (which is the color of the sweater) and sunlight (which is the letter A jersey print and the yellow collar ends on the sweater).

The colors of this sweater are too bold and bright that all I thought of accessorizing was a Hublot watch. I know most of you haven't heard about this brand yet but this is a Swiss made watch, with the most unique lock strap I've ever seen so far compared to other watches. I like how it's big size fits just right in my slim wrist and even though it weighs a little bit heavy, it still looks great. Read more about the brand here. I'm really not into sneakers/rubber shoes but this ensemble is completely an exception and I wanna try those sneaker wedges pretty soon! Here's a #selfie shot of me to end this post. Haha!

What do you think about this look?

[WAGW sweater, Zara shorts (old), Hublot watch]

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