How To: Get Casual With Old Trousers (2/3)

Whoever revised the idea of the usual pants into trousers is definitely a genius! I love wearing skinny jeans but it's not healthy to always wear them especially when they're too tight. And that's why I love trousers, they don't just scream casualty, but they give a hundred percent comfort as well! Much more if you have it in cotton like the one I have here. I'm a casual girl most of the time because I love to be comfortable and I want to look appropriate in corporate/casual especially on busy days. If I suddenly transform to bohemian, chic, edgy, street style or other styles, then it only means I'm not that busy and I'm just expressing my own style to a different theme. lol.

If it's not too obvious, these outfit shots were kinda taken fast. Apologies! I wore this on my flight to Manila last week and I was kinda in a hurry 'cause the shortcut going to the airport was closed due to some public event reasons so we had to pass the original route and it's a bit traffic. (Well if I knew earlier that my flight was delayed, I would've taken better shots!) Nevertheless, this casual ensemble is perfect for traveling as well! I made sure I didn't have a lot of metals hanging around me to avoid the security scanners' annoying sound. lol! And my necklace was just perfect, it's pretty glittery and it's not the same as the usual metal necklaces though it looks like one but it it's actually made of the plastic type! Very lightweight and convenient like that! And even though I'm in heels, the length of the heel is just right as well. This pair arrived before the day of my flight and I'm so happy it's very comfy! Need I say more?

What do you think about my look?

[Papaya Clothing corset, WAGW cropped blazer/necklace, H&M trousers, Fashioncookie Shoeavenue shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, Hublot watch]

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