The Hotel Elizabeth Penthouse Suite

Turned 18 years of existence last Friday, I decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday so as not to conflict my guests' schedules. It was also the birthday of my little brother on the 15th so might as well have a double celebration! But, I promise you I will blog about everything hopefully within the week. Just give me time and let me start off by sharing this amazing suite that I stayed for my celebration. 

This is the Penthouse Suite of the Hotel Elizabeth and no, this is not a sponsored post. I just can't get over at the elegance of this suite that I really took photos to be shared to you while the photographer and the videographer haven't arrived yet. The photo above will be the first thing you'll see as you enter from the door. Spell elegance! I wish I will have a room like this.

There's a door near the dining area that leads to the master bedroom which is the one I stayed and slept. And beside the master's bedroom door, you can find the mini bar.

There are actually two bedrooms in this suite, the other bedroom has two beds. You can definitely stay here with your family or friends!

You can even relax in this room by simply looking at the painting at the left side, that's Santorini! Aaaaah!

I really really fell in love more with the mirror because of its design at the sides. Its really elegant! It gave a different pop in the room. And finally, the master's bedroom;

I love these velvet pillowcases! I hated the super hard pillow though. I really forgot to take a picture of the doors of the bathroom, they're really nice and unique! There are actually three bathrooms in this suite.

That's it for now. I hope I made you feel staying in this suite as well! I would highly recommend you guys to try Hotel Elizabeth, they don't just give you elegance but they have great service as well!

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