Dress Up X The Girl Who Thought of Style (TGWTS) [CLOSED]

Yes, I am aware that my birthday passed already but, surprises are still coming. If you thought that this is a blog giveaway, well, your guess is right! This giveaway would definitely be a memorable one since this will be the first but not the last of course. Well, I won't keep you waiting, time to spread the good news!

Since I am a Cebu-based blogger and this is my first giveaway, this giveaway will exclusively be open to all the people residing here in Cebu. Yes! You've read that right! Want me to repeat it again? This giveaway is exclusive to all people residing here in Cebu! Yaaaay! But before the mechanics, let me introduce to you this awesome Cebu-based online shop that collided with TGWTS for this giveaway.

Dress Up is an online shop that sells majority of pre-ordered clothes usually from Hong Kong and other related countries. Name it all from tops, bottoms, swimwears and even bags! If you'd ask me, I would really say that they have everything you're looking for. Even the most unique pieces that I've been dying to have but I couldn't find one anywhere, I always look forward with patience to search from their albums and after few minutes, I've already found one and I hurrily contact them to reserve one item for me before it runs out. The thing also, I don't need to pay extra amount for shipping fee, plus when I receive my orders, I feel satisfied with it. Which is one way of saying that they have good quality clothes! 

I will be giving each of these items to three lucky winners! I picked these items for my giveaway by the way. (the words just rhymed. lol)

The first winner will get this classy and elegant white crochet top. I actually have this too, but in different color. I just couldn't resist the elegance of this top. To the lucky girl who will win this, I'm pretty sure you'll look effortlessly glam wearing this!

The second winner will get this sexy cutout collared top. The color just matched with the cutouts and everything just looks good!

And lastly, the third winner will get this super cute sleeveless scalloped top in baby pink. I'm sure you'll look effortlessly preppy and sophisticated in this top!

Love the prizes? Here's how to join:
1) Follow me on Lookbook. If you don't have Lookbook account, its easy to make one!
2) Like Dress Up's Facebook page here.
3) Add them as your friend in Facebook here.
4) Status this in your Facebook profile: "Join Zaira's exclusive in Cebu blog giveaway at www.zaithoughtofstyle.com!" and tag Dress Up on your status. NO NEED TO TAG ME.
5) Comment below in this post your name and your Facebook URL with the status.

All you have to do is to follow the steps above from 1-5, never forget to comment your name and Facebook URL below (with the status) so that your entry will finally be valid. I'll be checking my Lookbook account, Dress Up's updating me and your statuses as well.
Strictly, no multiple entries. Just comment once because I'll be approving your comments every now and then. This giveaway is on going until 11:59pm of September 30, 2012 only. If you joined beyond the time and date mentioned, your entry will be invalid. Winners will be picked via random.org and will be announced via Twitter and Facebook. Good Luck!


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