Dots and Hearts in L.A. (Part 1)

Doing fashion and blog posts at the same time is really a new challenge for me. I didn't mean for everyone to get confused on my blog titles when in fact, its just the continuation of the previous one. It wasn't my first time at the LAX airport though but it is my first time to go out of that airport and explore the lovely Los Angeles, so I hope you'll bear with me changing the title again. 

To start off, the photo above shows that its sunny in L.A. (lol! why did I even say that?) Haha! Kidding aside, that is around 7am ombre sky in L.A. and we're ready to land. There was so much excitement within me. Well, who wouldn't be after sitting for 9 hours and more in the plane with nothing much to do? Good thing the Japanese guy sitting next to me was so friendly that he managed to introduce himself after two hours since we took off from Japan. So I was happy enough that I had someone to talk to and merely, meet a new friend even once in a while. I wish he could read my blog, he was such a nice guy in a way that even if he doesn't know how to speak English very well, he managed to have a conversation with me. We killed the boredom in the long flight through chit chatting! There's just something in L.A. that whenever I go there, I always meet a new stranger because back in 2010, I met a black girl who speaks Spanish and English at the same time at Tom Bradley. We became friends within that span of hours at the LAX as well.

Okay, more about what happened on the long flights, let's get back to what this post is really all about. When the plane finally landed, everyone from our flight went straight to the Immigration. It always takes time there because there are a lot of passengers so it's always a long line. And after the Immigration part, we have to get our luggage and then I checked in them earlier for my next flight. I went out of the terminal where I arrived and walked out and went to the next terminal where I will be staying for my next flight. I manage to locate it in advance that way because LAX is one of the most biggest airports I've ever seen and went to. I was waiting for my mom's friend who's staying in California to pick me up and tour me around. We hit the road after we've seen each other.

Well, looks familiar huh? I hope you're as excited as I am while reading this post. I was very happy to see and be with the sun while I was there. Its funny how I always look and expose myself much to the sun whenever I come to the US but whenever I'm in the Philippines, I couldn't bare to stay long under the sun. Haha! We were on our way to the Universal City Plaza, our first stop when I took this.

As you can see, everything in this place is pretty huge and looking real! My mom's friend and I decided to grab our lunch in a seafood place here. There were a lot of people coming here too. You can find lots of stores and restaurants around. Coffee shops, boutiques and the famous Amphitheater. My mom's friend told me that this place looks better at night and more people are coming here at night. Well, you can tell by just looking at the lights around.

That's the most HUGE (yes, I had to type it all caps) Jamba Juice I've ever seen! I mean look at that, I haven't seen like it even in Manila. And I really don't know what my Canon DSLR did when I took the first photo of the Jamba Juice. I wonder why there's a green circle around that man. Should I be scared? lol.

I will never leave this place without having a photo in this big Universal Studios globe. I mean who does? And talk about me loving to be under the sun so much. All of my photos with me in it are the ones that I'm under the sun. If you've noticed, I took off my sweater already. I don't look like I gained weight anymore. Yay!

My zoomed in photo below shows that USA is celebrating Halloween already. They always do big celebrations with that compared to our country that's why they are having like a horror booth as seen in my background. Sadly, I couldn't stay longer and have some activities here because I still have my next flight.

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Stay tuned for part 2.

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