Destination Portland

For today's post, let me finally share to you my trip. I traveled straight from Cebu to Korea so as not to join the chaos and avoid additional payments for excess luggage when traveling domestic flights like from Cebu to Manila. Well you won't expect more photos with me in it in this post though because I traveled alone. Its definitely not my first time, I've been doing it for three years already and I'm quite used to it. Let's just say, I'm being independent since I was 16. Haha! But the real truth is, only my mom and I could travel to the United States for now, the rest will follow soon and she's staying and working in the US that's why I travel alone. Poor me but don't pity me, traveling alone is fun, I tell you.

The moment I stepped in at the Incheon Airport in South Korea, I was pretty surprised seeing how huge it is. I think its bigger than the airport in Taiwan and Japan 'cause I've been there too. So after the long line of inspection for people who still have connecting flights, I went straight to find my gate. It was quite a long walk though and my camera is hanging on my neck waiting for me to use it. So for me to have some photos to blog, I managed to use the walk on escalators (I really forgot what its called) so that I could settle my hand carry bag down and take a few shots around since I'll be staying there for a few hours 'til my next boarding call.

Because it was huge, I was happy enough to see that the stores were organized too. They were arranged by category and I took a photo of the Fashion and Accessories store (I bet you already know why. lol). Others were labelled Liquors, Toys and some were Cosmetics. The labels are very useful for easy buy and you won't get confused. And I also took a shot of the Charlie Brown Cafe. Its my first time to see one. I wonder what Snoopy or Charlie Brown coffee tastes like. Haha! I'll try that when I get back there.

This what an independent blogger and traveler does when she doesn't have somebody to take outfit shots for her. Haha! Well, that's my #ootd. I was pretty strong enough to wear shorts and thick tights on my way to a cold destination. But I managed though for my love of fashion, I'll do anything because I love it. I already knew it will be a gloomy weather so I decided to color myself with orange hues and animal prints. 

And that's me cam whoring. The janitress looked at me after I took this shot and I was like "please bear with me." Haha! I look like I gained weight in my outfit because I have a bandeau and a knitted half sleeved top under my animal print sweater just to get ready for my Los Angeles getaway. That's how excited I am! I opted for simple accessories and bangle-free 'cause seriously, there's no need to pile on a lot of accessories when traveling. I'll be sleeping most of the time in the plane though.

So my boarding call was already on going and surprisingly, they informed everyone that we need to stop over at Narita Airport in Japan for 30 minutes because some passengers will be going down there. And I was like "whaaat?" and at the same time saying "not Narita Airport again. Been there a couple of times." The thing about Narita Airport is that its too crowded and I don't like it much but not to mention, its nice there too. So we arrived there after two hours, I think and stayed there for 30 minutes until boarding call again and we left the airport for a 9 hours and around 30 more minutes flight. That's how far US of A is!

That's the photo I took inside the plane, ready to leave Japan. Sorry its quite slant, I was excited to sleep already when I took this shot. Haha!

After a few hours we crossed the Pacific Ocean and the International Dateline and you could really notice the skies changed. We left the sun and afterwards, we headed to a night sky and after a dawn sky. Here's a view from around 6:30am sky in California;

All I could say is that its like ombre! I bet you've seen my tweet about this if you followed me. Well, the post ends here and L.A. post will surely follow!

On my #ootd:

[WAGW shorts/sweater, Accessorize heart necklace, Marks&Spencer tights, Predictions comfort plus boat shoes, Forever 21 bag]

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