Playing Around with Denim over Lace

Sometimes, I get tired of dressing up a lot or completely especially when it happens consecutively because normally before when I still don't appreciate fashion much unlike today, I always go for simple yet sophisticated dressing. And always comfortable of course! Well I still go for simple now like my make up right? So I guess its lazy dressing time at TGWTS today!

Whenever I think of lazy dressing or quick dressing, I couldn't think of anything else other than bermuda shorts and/or maxi skirts. Palazzo pants is also one. But I love maxi skirts above all, I'm even starting to have a lot of it in different styles. I mean come on, you can't blame me. They are always and forever comfortable to wear. 

And so I came up with this laced maxi skirt that looks so vintage, I could even think of pairing it with Jeffrey Campbell's and a top that has ribbons at the neck part. (super vintage lang ang peg!) The denim top made the look cute. Or did I look cute? lol. Kidding aside, I apologize for my weird pose on the third photo. My goal for this look is really just to have some half shots, not the entire outfit but since I love my readers so much, I'll do a weird pose just to make you see what I came up with. (*insert smiley face there)

If you have noticed, I'm wearing silver pieces. Told you I'll be over using silver ones this time but not to mention, gold is still my favorite between both. I also did put my necklace above the collar for the style and design to be seen. It has sparkly crystal studs around it by the way, its hard to see them on the photos though. This collar necklace from WAGW is actually my most favorite among my silver neck pieces. It could be used in an edgy outfit too.

Silver flats! Don't you just love them? I even brought them here in the United States. That's how much I love and over use them. lol.

That's me doing another weird pose. Please forgive me. I was really playing around. Haha! Hope you could still see my simple arm party though; silver metal spikes bracelets from Forever 21 and the hair cuff from WAGW that I used as my arm cuff.

What do you think about this lazy dressing ensemble?

[Monkee Business top, Dress Up skirt, WAGW necklace/hair cuff (used as arm cuff), Forever 21 silver metal spiked and studded bracelets, Cole Vintage metallic silver flats]

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