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Mixing colors is the new tip of the day! If you really want to look not too much and not lacking, try to study the pattern and the color hues on your clothes and balance them altogether or you can even add some out of the box colors to make it more bold and sophisticated. By that, it gives you all that oomph in your whole look.

If you've been following me on Twitter and Facebook, pretty much you know the very reason why I wasn't able to make new posts and also, where I am right now. Haha! Well, as been tweeted many times and failed to make it, I finally finished everything I had to do and I finally did some new posts today. So anyway, let's get back to my outfit; the main story about this look is about the accessory on my neck. Its called a neckplush. With this simple yet colorful and unique accessory, you can transform it into a lot of styles. Let's put to example the almost everyday gloomy skies that this month is giving us, you can transform this neckplush to a scarf or sling it over accross to your body and a lot else more. It sure is a worth buy and you don't need to accessorize much because with its uniqueness, it stands out effortlessly.

Because of this neckplush, I really looked for the best clothes to pair it with and my mind came up with these floral printed pants that I'm currently over using and the turquoise blazer with polka dots under it. At first, I thought that the dots on my blazer would disturb the floral prints in my pants but when I finally tried them, I was pretty surprised that they look fine without disturbing each other!

To those who didn't know yet, I'm currently here at Vancouver, Washington State USA spending my semestral break. I just arrived here last night (US time) (yesterday morning (Phils. time). And, I visited Los Angeles yesterday 'cause I had around 8 hours or more stop over at LAX so I went out of the airport and toured around while waiting for my next flight to Portland. I had fun and wanted to tour some more! Someday I'm going to complete my tour at California, hopefully next year! I hope you'll be excited as I am because I will be sharing my L.A. tour after I'm done editing the photos.

What do you think about my look?

*By the way, I've been using my new Revlon eye primer lately and I'm starting to love it. Try to see my eyes on the second to the last photo. I think it did work.

[Monkee Business blazer, Bayo tank (old), July pants, StylistaPH neckplush, Stella Luna wedges]

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