Dots and Hearts in L.A. (Part 2)

At some point, I looked at the folder where I saved my L.A. trip photos just to check what pictures I'll upload for the second part and unfortunately, I missed to post a few more for the part one. I hope you can forgive me for not noticing them. Here they are;

You wouldn't mind seeing King Kong stealing some attention as you're walking around, would you?

That thing will make you fly like there's no gravity inside it. Think of what you've seen in some sci-fi movies when they go outer space and float in the air, that's what that thing does. Pretty cool! The guy is actually guiding the girl that's why he's not floating.

Part one finally done! After we explored the Universal City Plaza, we then proceeded to the Citywalk where there's much excitement! It is where you can find the street walk where names of celebrities and singers were written in the pink stars. It filled the side walk and the funny thing is that, most of the names were like actors/actresses that I don't know so I only have some few shots with me and I missed to have some shots on the other names that I know because we were running out of time and we couldn't wait any longer to the people who's still taking pictures with those names. Well, let me share to you the few stars I have;

So sad I only had five. As you can see, they have like a symbol if the person is a movie star (actor/actress) or a singer/songwriter. Sorry for that disturbing foot on Drew Barrymore's name.

See the crowd along Citywalk, it has the same crowd across that street where I took this shot. In that area, you can find the way to the waxed celebrities which they said really looked alike and real. As much as I wanted to go there, I really couldn't. But there's always a second time, I'm definitely coming back with unlimited time soon!

Love love love my new sunnies from L.A.! And that is Spiderman at my back receiving some money before you can have a photo with him. If you don't want to pay, just do what I did. Take a stolen shot of him at your back. Haha! I was really kind of disappointed why tourists need to pay just to have some photos. I mean, most tourists just come there once so why not give them payment free photos as a souvenir especially to the kids. Those people inside the mascot should be payed or are probably payed. But anyway, Spiderman is not the only one walking around Citywalk. They also have Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, Transformers and a lot more.

It was funny seeing kids playing around this fountain and ended themselves showered up. #ohthejoysofbeingakid. Hope you enjoyed my short yet fun trip to Hollywood! I'm looking forward of coming back since my mom promised that we'll go back there and tour around more. You can always suggest good places in L.A. that you have been to. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave some comments, I'll surely reply back.

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