Geometric in Boho

In another lazy day, I went out of my house and gave myself another lazy dressing. I know laziness is bad but I'm too honest to admit that I am sometimes so I gave my geometric cutout cropped top out for a spin. When having a random day with no specific whereabouts, maxi skirts are the easiest pile on for me because it can take you anywhere without having that awkward feeling you'll have when you know you're not wearing the proper clothes for the proper place. So might as well be safe for whatever happens on a "random" day. Make it a habit not to wear shorts too much.

If you look closely on my skirt, you'll notice I have a mini skirt under it which made my maxi skirt unique, giving my look more interesting and sexy at the same time. That's what attracted me the most when I saw it in Eudora Wear few months ago.

I piled minimal accessories in light, bohemian hues to make the orange color of my top pop out more and for my skirt to still scream a feminine, bohemian vibe. Not to mention, I've always loved bohemian hues and styles ever since it suddenly became on trend few years ago. And also, I wore a bandeau under my cropped top to cover my tummy. Still keeping it interesting, you think?

I am currently addicted to sandals like these. I didn't want to wear these kinds before because all I could think of is that it doesn't look good on my fat toes plus, it gets dust on my feet easily (talking about being OC) But since I got addicted to maxi skirts and there's nothing more that feels extra comfier wearing it, I tried sandals and realized it wasn't that bad at all. Sorry about my feet getting red a little bit by the way, it always does that when taken a shot. It must be camera shy. Haha!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW geometric cutout top, Eudora Wear skirt, Cole Vintage sandals, SM Accessories necklace/bandeau, House of Luxe studded cuff, Mauve tan wrap bracelet/nude single bracelet]

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