Randomly Last Sembreak

Missing some new posts for a few weeks feels like I've missed half of my life. I know, I know that I owe you, my readers a lot to share with! Its just that when a week before the day I'll be going back home (which was Nov.2), life just became busier back there in the United States with my mom. She was planning a lot of things for me together with different people in different places and events for me and her to enjoy or let's just say, bond before I leave. Gladly, I could really say that this was the busiest and most fun among the past two years that I've visited US. Despite the time difference, I really didn't have much time to do the usual things that I do around the world of browsing. Even by just opening my lappy, I didn't have time doing that. That's how busy I was! Not to mention, I spared my time to be away from a lot of radiations by reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy. *smiles* I just realized I haven't reading novels since way back high school. You know, that very relaxing feeling and moment to be away with a lot of gadgets and to the harmful radiation some time and enjoy yourself peacefully with a good book.

Enough with the chitchat, I thought of sharing with you randomly the photos of the fun days of my stay there. There are actually a lot of them and it was really hard for me to choose the best ones but no worries because I'll be blogging some of them, not really all because most of them are just few shots during a day. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did when these photos were taken during my stay.

First two rows:
1) Glad waking up with the sun at its highest peak. 2) New slippers that keep my feet company whenever I feel cold. 3) Me at the backyard of the Care Home. 4) Giving my floral sheer socks out for a spin. 5) Me with my mom's employers. 6) Arm party on the same day on photos 3-5. 7) Arm party on my way back to Cebu. 8) Taking the two clumsy pugs out for a walk. 9) Mom's potential photographer shot. 10) Feeling vain!

Last three rows:
11) Me at the Portland Maxx to Clackamas Mall. 12) My pretty cousin that I care so much. 13) Call me Naked by Urban Decay addicted. 14) Me at the newly opened Target at Cascade, Portland. 15) Puffy clouds in Vancouver, WA. 16) Me feeling the Halloween spirit at Woodburn. 17) My new shopping buddies! 18) My footwear on the same day on photos 16&17. 19) Me at the coolest tree house. 20) My first ever carved pumpkin! 21) Columbia River. 22) The biggest horror booth at Delta Park. 23) One of the scarers at the horror booths. 24) My Fifty Shades Collection. 25) Kobe Bryant revealing his underarm. LOL! I watched this live so better hang in there 'cause this will be blogged!

Stay tuned for more and thanks for sparing some time for this short yet meaningful post! :)

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