When the day of my flight to US is fast approaching, my mom told me that she will let me meet somebody from Norway who is studying in Vancouver, WA which is the cousin or someone related to her workmate. She also mentioned about going to this huge shopping place that we will go to together with her workmate. Well, when I finally got there, we all planned to do it on a random Friday whether it may be gloomy or sunny. 

Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day but not that much cold, but we don't really care. Simply knowing that we will go shopping around this huge place instantly brightened our day. Don't get me wrong lovely readers, I know you can relate. Haha. The place we went to is actually in Portland. Let me share to you some information I know about Portland because I will always go there whenever I visit USA. The fact that its just few minutes drive from Vancouver, its easy access for us to go there whenever we want since its a city as well. There are more malls and places to hang out PLUS (yes, I need to all caps this), you can purchase anything you want in whatever store without paying tax. Yes, that's the good good thing! *big smile*  

Going back to the place where we went;

Yes, the place where we went is called Woodburn. I don't know why it was named like that but it was a place full of branded boutiques namely Coach, Guess, Nike, The North Face, Charlotte Russe, Gap and a lot more. Its quite a long drive from Vancouver but when you get there, everything's worth it because most of the brands you love are in there and each boutique was big enough for you to stroll around!

So, I finally met the girl that my mom was telling me and luckily, she was so friendly. And it was interestingly fun to go shopping with someone you just met. Haha!

My aim look for that day was comfortable and hassle free. So I ended up wearing an over-sized shirt, loose trousers with a scene stealer belt and less accessories. Well literally, I just wore a simple necklace and didn't go for arm party. I wouldn't want to mess myself carrying a lot of bags and accidentally get stuck on the racks of clothes because of my bracelets. And if you've noticed my background, its just so Halloween. Okay, I know its over already but forgive me for making late posts. Life is getting busier. *sad face* Because there's no need to do some arm party, I did a little party on my footwear which I got a lot of complements while shopping around;

Scream spikes you can but all I can say is that my socks and my flats were unexpectedly meant to be! Don't you think? I bought this cutesy leopard socks in one of the stores at the Universal City Plaza in L.A.

My shopping buddies during that day plus my mom who took all the photos I posted in this post.

My new friend slash shopping buddy that day, Hanne from Norway. Her name actually reads as Hannah, its so unique and she's so nice. I could talk any kinds of stuff with her. Haha. She's younger than me but our heights doesn't say it is. Hmpff! I wish I was as tall as her not to mention, her boots have heels. Okay, I'm rescuing myself for being so petite. lol.

I can't help but take a photo of this beautiful tree house. I've always dreamed of having one since I was a kid and seeing this reminds me of my childhood thoughts. Its so cute and stylish. I felt like a kid when I sat there. *grins*

I took this photo of the gloomy sky when we were on our way back. Hanne will be having her birthday celebration on the night of that day and I was invited. It was just a simple party together with some of her friends and her family. I was a bit shy to be with her and her friends in one table but the fun started when we carved pumpkins. I literally had no idea how to do that 'cause seriously, we don't have huge pumpkins here in the Philippines. Haha! But luckily, one of her friend did it for the first time too so I was glad to know that. And the funny thing is, we were both the last person extend more time carving our pumpkins and luckily, I finished first and she was the last one because her design was quite complicated. So, here's my carved pumpkin monster with freckles! Haha.

It took me a lot of effort to do this even if my design is just simple. My right hand did all the carving and the muscles in my palm was in pain but it was all worth it. How do you like it? I'm looking forward to do more of these, it was really fun!

What do you think about my look?

[Artwork top (old), Accessorize necklace, Forever21 belt, Topshop trousers, from L.A. socks, Romwe rivets flats, Mom's jacket]


  1. I love your shoes! Actually, you can make your own spiky footwear.


    P.S. We're batch mates before so you'll probably remember me? :)

  2. Yes, I remember you. Thanks Leah!