Beat L.A. (First of two)

This post is still part of my USA trip.

The last week of my US vacation was the busiest week I've ever had there because my mom and I had to go to some of the malls and stores there to buy what she wanted to send home for the last minute and at the same time, I had sleepless nights organizing the big box I had to bring with me when I get back home. As most of us know, October 31st is the celebration of Halloween in the US. It is the time when you usually see people in any age walk around the streets, malls and other places wearing their costumes until 6pm comes, when kids go visit the neighborhood for trick or treating. Because my mom and I was busy at the mall that day, we managed not to participate on the celebration. My mom's employers are one of the people I get to bond with ever since I went to US for the first time and I am close to them since they don't have kids. So few days before October 31st came, one of them told me that they will give me an advance surprise on the 31st before I leave. We went back to the care home early to get some rest and about an hour, they were already downstairs. 

Thinking of the surprise they said, I just thought that we were going to a place we haven't eaten in Portland or wherever else 'cause that's what we usually do. So I managed to wear something very ordinary; gray skinny jeans, a plain pink tank under my gray sweater and black boots with matching black sling bag. Well, I felt tired at the same time because I woke up early morning that day and spent the whole morning walking around some malls with my mom. But unexpectedly, we went to the Rose Garden Arena in Portland. (Please click on the Rose Garden Arena name to know what it is) Before we entered the arena, I saw a big sign of "Beat LA" with no dots between the letter 'L' and 'A' and after the letter 'A'. One of my mom's employer said that, that was the sign of the surprise so I thought of nothing else seeing the 'LA' sign but Los Angeles. And I was like "what could it be?". Since the parking area around the arena was full, we parked quite far from the arena and walked going there. As we came nearer, I noticed most people were wearing Lakers' jerseys and I was screaming in my head saying "OMG!! Don't tell me its a Lakers' basketball game!". Finally, we entered the arena full of people and there was even a live TV coverage at the arena and there's this mascot walking around inside and people took photos with the mascot and so, my mom managed to take a shot for me with the mascot. Here it is;

It's blurry, I know and I apologize for that in behalf of my mom who took this. Well its because the place was just too crowded and more people are waiting to have a photo with this mascot. Little did I know that this is the mascot of the Portland Trail Blazers, the NBA team in Portland.

When we got in the arena and after seeing this mascot, I finally got all the clues of the surprise and I was jumping for joy ( well not literally) and told my mom's employers a huge thank you. I bet you now have the idea too and I know you're excited! This post will probably be the longest one I will make so I won't let you wait for long.

Before the game started, the two teams came out and as what we usually see on TV, they take turns on shooting the ball and all that jazz before the game starts. As for the audiences, they throw out papers from the lucky car as seen above. Its like a raffle ticket for a chance to win different kinds of prizes including a Ford car of the same model on the photo above. Of course, any program doesn't start without singing the national anthem of a particular country. Everyone was pleased to hear the powerful voice of this girl when she sang the national anthem of the United States of America;

 Afterwards, both teams and the individual players who belonged in it were introduced to the audience. First were the Los Angeles Lakers.

 If I'm not mistaken, on the third photo is the coach of the L.A. Lakers' team who was currently replaced. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Haha.

And next were the Portland Trail Blazers. Of course, they're on their home court so they had the best introduction with matching Trail Blazers' flag and some dancers. They were also introduced one by one.

To make the long game short insert the fact that most of us already know how the game is played, after the introductions, first quarter automatically started and the thrill isn't there yet.

You may be wondering what team I supported when I watched this game. Actually, if I were to choose between Lakers and Mavericks, I would choose Mavericks but since I know Lakers better than the Trail Blazers, I cheered for Lakers when we watched this game live. Haha! Not to offend those who love the Trail Blazers so much but getting to the brighter side, I really saw how good and clean they play which I admired also. Trail Blazers is now part of my favorite NBA team list and I hope you'll also try to get to know them if you haven't yet. *smiles*

Sad to say for those who supported Lakers that night, most lead scores were from the Trail Blazers. And the funny thing was that, whenever the Trail Blazers would score lead consecutive times, either way they let the dancers dance or they will show the mascot on the screen jumping for joy as seen on the two photos above. lol. It's such a tease and it makes it more challenging for the Lakers to catch up.

 I was about to publish this post last night but if you followed me on Twitter, I was freakin' mad about blogger not cooperating on what I want to do with this post and up to now, it still is. So I'll just divide this one post into two parts. Leaving you hanging, I'll assure you the second one will be coming right up! :)

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