Beat L.A. (2nd)

And the game continues! Well, I meant this post is. Haha! With all the cheering and the saying of "aaw!" whenever Lakers scores or not, it was a real thrill being there personally at the court watching the live NBA game. I never did thought that it is more fun watching it live.

Going less about the random photos during the game, you may have noticed I've been asking on both my Facebook page and Twitter account if any of my readers likes L.A. Lakers or Kobe Bryant. Well, now is the time to stop wondering why I asked 'cause its time to spill the beans! I'm really funny ha-ha excited about this. Truth is, I was very lucky enough to capture some weird/funny faces and expressions of Kobe Bryant. Haha! And I'm about to share my most favorite shot above all of them.

Let's describe each;
First photo above, left: Grinning Kobe, Second photo above, right: Happy/hopeful Kobe
Third photo down, left: "God! What's happening? Why can't we score?" Kobe (lol) Fourth photo down, right: Exhausted Kobe.

Well, the photos above are weirdly cute. Can't wait for the weirdest? Here's my most favorite!

Please help me explain this photo of Kobe Bryant! I just couldn't stop laughing when I got this shot unexpectedly. LOL!

Back to the game, fourth quarter came and hours became minutes and minutes became seconds. Time was running that fast and all of a sudden, it ran out. The decision was made and finalized, the Portland Trail Blazers won with a score of 116! And it was their first game while it was the second game for the Los Angeles Lakers (having a score of 106). When the  Trail Blazers were announced as the winner, the crowd got crazy! And everyone felt happy except those who cheered for Lakers like me and the other employer of my mom. But I was happy for the Trail Blazers as well.

When we headed back to the house, traffic was all over the streets of Portland but I still couldn't get over on the surprise. I really did got surprised and was so happy about it. And luckily again, I have this souvenir and proof at the same time that I really watched the game.

I hope you enjoyed the long posts of my US trip from here up to this post! I know you've missed my fashion posts, well, me too!! No worries, it will directly follow after this. Have a great week lovely readers!

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