Zebras Up, Leopards Down

This outfit is inspired by my leopard rivets flats that I got from Romwe few months ago. It was my first pair of spiked flats so I really got excited and couldn't wait any longer to try it on and see how it looks on my feet. With much excitement, I eventually thought of an outfit that looks good with it.
And who would have thought that I came up with animal print over animal print? Paired with my over used Topshop trousers, it popped a color and brightened my look. I know you've been seeing me wear this a lot of times and I still wear it during ordinary walks. The possibilities of dressing up these trousers are really endless! I could still think of many different ways on what to pair with it and I could wear it all day with no complaints 'cause its so comfy that I could move around it easily.

Another very useful lingerie that I've been obsessing are bandeau's. Since my zebra printed top is a cardigan,
I wore a bandeau under it to protect my inner privates. Its really one of the things a girl should have in her closet and its very useful when travelling in long flights since bra strings that stay longer under your boobies isn't that healthy especially with teenage girls. It may harm the growth of your boobies so better yet have some bandeau's.

I opted for simple arm party that matched the colors that are present in my outfit. Since the color of my trousers is very bright and there are lots of prints on my entire look, my arm parties are the neutralizers. They add a little glitz so that it will look blogger-like.

I really couldn't take my eyes off these uniquely gorgeous babies! They are effortless in a way that it could grab attention in an instant snap. I can pair it with a plain tank and denim shorts and I'll just slip on with these spikey pretty flats and I'm good to go. I've been currently over using this pair too and I always get complements whenever I wear it.

What do you think about my look?

[Promod cardigan (used as top)/ belt, Topshop trousers, SM Accessories bandeau, Romwe rivets flats, A.G. Cordeshoppe necklace, Eazy Fashion gold circles bracelets/brown braided belt bracelet, Mauve nude + gold bracelet, Fuego (USA) red + gold bracelet, Icing (USA) polka dot glasses, Hebe (order via Chicify) bucket bag]

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