Legally in Royal Blue

"Better late than never" would be the first thing I would say to this almost two months late post. Blame me not for being so busy even during the semestral break but the photographer/editor, that took these photos of me during my special day got so busy also that he gave me the copies a month late and I was so busy for a month also which resulted to a two month- late post. I could hardly believe this. But anyway, life goes on and again, it's better late than never after all! *shy smile*

This simple yet elegant ensemble for me was my look during my 18th birthday celebration which was held a day after my birthday, last September 15, 2012. Since I practically chose cash over a huge celebration, a simple yet very meaningful night happened that Saturday. I was happy and contented enough to see my family and friends gathered for this one special moment in my life.

Even though the party was just simple, I still made it sure to look like the celebrant. Luckily, I found this sheer, one shoulder off and stunning WAGW dress in my closet and decided to wear it for my birthday celebration so, I didn't spend much for my outfit, except for my heels though. Haha. What I love about the dress is its unique style, the ruffles at the sides, the color and oh it perfectly fits silver accessories, don't you agree?

I had 11th hour rushing to the mall looking for some silver heels for the night and I was lucky enough when I entered the Call It Spring branch at Ayala, they have new arrivals on silver and gold pumps and it saved my day, it was such a worth buy! Plus, my collar necklace from WAGW with little crystals made my look modernized. I've been over using this accessory lately simply because it can transform from edgy to ordinary and to formal! I have it in gold too.

Sadly, the only photo I have on my silver clutch was with my sister in it. Haha! I hope you can bear. I was  really decorated in silver accessories that night.

I know majority of the people will react to the photo above. Yes, she's my sister not a step sister or whatever. Haha! And she's taller than me and looks more matured than me but I don't really care, I'm still the ate (older sister). lol!

What do you think about my look?
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[WAGW dress/necklace, Call It Spring pumps, SM Accessories clutch]

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