Vintage Stuck in Preppy

Cardigans and socks in wedges may not be so summery but hey, we should wear what we want to wear and be confident enough with our own style, right? This would be one factor I want to let my readers know as well despite the other knowledgeable facts about dressing up and other info's I share here in my blog. I know its a bit challenging and a bit hard to learn how to start dressing up and discovering your inner stylista properly ('cause I've been there!!). But I swear you will improve and discover it, you just need to be patient enough and you'll really end up loving it! It'll affect your surroundings and how you carry yourself in a good way. Oh well, I bet you've noticed my improvement on styling since I started blogging, am I right?

Going back to what this post is all about, this was my ensemble when we checked out of Imperial Palace after we did all the swimming, slides and fun in the most amazing place. I was dead tired and did fell asleep at the car. I was that tired! lol! But on the other side of note, I look so touristy, don't I? My relatives even teased me that I blend in so well with the Koreans around the place. haha! 

Being in a preppy style always feels comfy and young but when I tried to mix it with a little bit of vintage (yes, I'm talking about my mini luggage bag from Belleza!), it was unexpectedly a perfect combination! I never thought two different amazing styles will work out together in a way. See the art of style? I just learned to love it. Fashion doesn't call spending almost all the time. It can be a talent in a way, some are even born with it. All the fashionable stuff you have will be useless if you don't know how to contrast and how to put them together. And since its summer, color blocked arm parties are on call! (I know, I know they didn't link together but you know what I mean! lol)

What do you think about my "check out" look?

[WAGW fedora/cardigan (worn as top), Papaya Clothing bandeau, Bubbles skirt, Belleza mini luggage bag, Forever 21 wedges/vintage necklace, From L.A. socks, Random nerdy glasses/arm candies]

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