Last Sunday, my family and I attended the birthday celebration of my cousin. Her debut was themed barbie but with all the luck in the world, we we're not told to dress prior to the theme. (Yay!! lol) So what to do with a special birthday celebration with no dress code? Make your own theme of course! A girl's 18th birthday celebration is always special. I already had mine, it was very simple but very very meaningful. I just remembered that time,  I didn't want to make my parents spend so much just for myself so I decided to keep things simple. Teehee.

I've always loved going casual and if you've noticed, my favorite hues are usually the elegant ones. I don't know why, I guess I'm born to love elegance or is it just me? Haha! You know I'm not really good at make up yet but I was super proud on how I did it that night and with all my trusty primers, it stood out the whole night! I hope I'll have time to blog about the new beauty loots I'm currently trying. (Please pray for me! haha) I admit it wasn't that difficult for me on how I came up with the whole ensemble. I didn't even spend a lot for everything, I only bought the floral headpiece, that's all! As I've said it on my previous posts, knowing your body and your style at the same time, there's no need to worry about mixing, matching and even spending for a lot of clothes!

I only picked this over sized polo with an elegant print and paired it with a velvet skirt (you can never go wrong with elegance on velvet's!) My ever favorite clutch that I only use on very special occasions and some nude with sequins heels to tone down the look and make my headpiece pop. That easy breezy!

Now don't I look like I only lack a wand and I'll be perfect for a fairy party on the photo above? LOL! Before this post ends, I want to let my cousin (and my readers as well) know that I purposely wore the headpiece on her birthday because it was named after her (Chelsea)! It was really a good timing that the headpiece arrived two days before her birthday! Amazing right?

What do you think about my look?

[Forever 21 polo, Tangerine skirt, Call It Spring clutch (old), Primadonna heels, Yhansy necklace, Il Fiore floral headpiece, elegant bracelets from Aunt]

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  1. nice! :)
    i love the flower crown! :)

    1. Me too! I hope you love what I came up with for it. Thanks Em!