Sophisticated Edge

Everyday, there are different events that are scheduled for me to go to and some are events that are planned to be done or to make happen on a certain day and time. But we can never escape the reality that if not most of the time, some of those planned events during the day can't be accomplished and that's why I get worried again because I know the events and the time schedules for the next day will be affected. In other cases, if all the scheduled events within the day are already accomplished, unplanned events happen! And to make the long issue short, that's what happened during the day I wore this ensemble. lol!

Most unplanned events are crazily great and I was lucky enough to be dressed up on something that could take me anywhere! It was a bit of a hectic time schedule that's why I took late outfit shots but I'm so glad that I made it. Luckily, I had one during early morning when I arrived at my first appointment (I know it sounds so non-student! haha). See photo below. Its more clearer for my lovely readers. Not to mention, the photo below wasn't taken from my DSLR but its from a Samsung Galaxy S4! I am beyond amazed! Its the only photo my beloved took for me when the sun was at its highest peak and I'm very thankful at least I had one! Teehee.

I guess the girly girl side of me never goes out within me. Just look at this ensemble, it is very casual with an edgy touch through my accessories and I decided to pair it with casual flats instead of heels ('cause something was really telling me I'll do a lot of walking within the day and I really did! lol!) which makes it more age appropriate. And the girly girl twist? Yes you've guessed it right, the floral sunnies. They're such a statement! I didn't manage to do arm party so that everything won't look heavy and I did a little magic trick (in other words a DIY) on my top here. It was very loose and long on my petite and slim frame so I cinched the center part of my top on my skirt and locked it with a pin so I accessorized it with a belt that matches the color scheme of the whole look so that my curves won't be gone and voila! I made that bulgy peplum look alike on my top. I'm still thinking what to name with that style. haha! But I was satisfied enough with how I did it, how about you?

 What do you think about my look?

[Monkee Business top, Bubbles skirt, Forever 21 belt, SM Accessories necklace, Marni bag, Cole Vintage brogues, Les' Moda sunnies]

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