Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 (1st)

It's another year and it calls for new trends, new creations and recreations from none other than our own ecstatic and creative popular fashion designers! It's a great feeling to be inspired once again (I expect that every year actually!) with all the recreational works from the last year's color blocking, lace, paisley, monochromatic, metallic, sheer, patterns, geometrics, studs, embellishments and more 'til today's black and white and stripes plus the coming back of androgynous style. Aaahh! Everything's very overwhelming and it makes me so proud that it's from our very own.

It has always been every fashion blogger in the world's dream to be part of (well, if it could be), all the fashion weeks in the world! And as I am myself, that's one of my dreams as well but before I get around the fashion world few years from now, of course the very first thing I swore myself to do nor to attend to first is our own Fashion Week of course! But since I'm still a student and I very much prioritize my studies first at this moment, I'll reserve all my cravings and excitement for the PhFW hopefully next summer. So what I'm usually doing these past few days since it started, I visited all the possible sites around the wide world of web that's updated about this year's fashion week and I'm so glad I found Status Magazine! They're very updated and they have clearer photos. I thought I'd pick some of my favorite looks from the different designers and share it to my growing fashionista readers just like me through their site! Well, I won't let you guys wait for long. Get inspired as much as I did!
Reminder: I'm only blogging my favorite looks and the photos are not mine.

Let's start off with Color Coding: SM Ladies' Fashion and Parisian Shoes Holiday 2013;

Turn of the Century: Michael Cinco Holiday 2013;

Discussions and Denim: JAG Origins Holiday 2013;
Some designs included here are from Norman Noriega, Jeffrey Rogador and Jerome Salaya Ang

Tender is the Night: Eric Delos Santos Holiday 2013;

Bygone Era: Jun Jun Cambe Holiday 2013

And this ends my favorite looks from this year's Philippine Fashion Week! Now aren't all the colors, styles, patterns and embellishments look beyond amazing? I have to admit that until now, I still couldn't get over them. These are my picks from the first to the third day collections and more are coming 'cause it's still going on. Stay tuned for the next ones! I'd love to hear your thoughts, I reply to comments very fast, you just don't know. Teehee. By the way, I'm joining Binkydoodles' Summer Style contest. Help me win by clicking HERE and hit the like button. Thanks in advance! 


  1. ganda ng embroidery! :) the details are perfect!!