Imperial Palace Getaway (Part 2)

Apologies for following this post three days late! I've been very busy again and I attended a very special occasion last night (follow me on Twitter and Facebook to know more about my daily doings) and of course you'll get to see what I wore last night on the next posts to come! Anyway so I woke up very early the second day and managed to take a picture of the morning view of Imperial. It was indeed breath taking and worth waking up to. And as usual, breakfast is always part of the morning!

I picked my meals by myself since its self service and yes, you've noticed, I'm both a meat lover and a veggie lover! Oh well, you need both in your body anyway but not too much of the red meat. Teehee. I had a very heavy breakfast that day since everything around me was very pleasing! I had cereal, fresh fruits and coffee which I didn't bother to capture. Here's my breakfast and my morning stroll outfit: wrap bandeau + ombre maxi skirt + sandals + vintage necklace + fedora + sunnies + clutch = comfortable at its finest! lol.

On the outfit above: [Binkydoodles wrap bandeau, Forever 21 skirt/necklace, Tutum sandals, WAGW fedora, Hermes clutch]

The photos that will follow will make you love Imperial more. No kidding! Its definitely a place to bond and spend time either with your family or friends, or even your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend! 

Oh and before that, check out this little Korean kid goofing around when I passed by the VIP lounge. I was on my way back to our suite room to change for my swimming outfit and I saw this kid doing what he's doing right there on the photo, I didn't think twice of taking a few shots on him and the cute and funniest part? He didn't stop doing what he was doing even if he knew I took a shot of him. haha! So cute!

Aaaaah! The most challenging slides I've ever tried in my life! This makes the place very unique. If you haven't been here, well, there's still a lot of time before classes start! Highly recommended! Not unless you don't know how to swim. I'm talking about the striped red and white slide and you'll get what I mean when you go and try it. Oh well, someone will assist you anyway and there are separate slides for the little kids as well. Take it to the colorful photo (the very first after the goofing kid). There are more things you can do here like spa, karaoke, banana boat, Chinese and Korean restaurants and more! I told you, two days isn't enough in this huge and amazing place! Will direct you to the links of their site at the end of this post.

Not to mention, there's a free zumba (a dance exercise) too! Now that's what you call a worth stay! Staying fit and healthy after pigging out on breakfast. lol!

Here's a photo of me, my sister Zam and my Mom after we dipped into the pool. And no, the post doesn't end here. My "I'm at the beach ready to get wet under the heat of the sun" look coming right up!

Of course I didn't wear my skirt when swimming. duhh! My "check out" look will be on a separate post.
Well, what do you think?

[SM bikini top (old), Eudora Wear maxi skirt (old), Tutum flats, From L.A. sunnies, WAGW fedora]

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