Imperial Palace Getaway (Day 1)

Since my Mom finally had the chance to get home after a year or so since the last time she was here, my family and some of my relatives decided to get away from the stress and hardwork the city always brings and we decided to spend a few days (two days only to be specific) at Imperial Palace. I know the place is very famous already especially to the Koreans who are invading the place pretty much (probably Mr. Park did a lot of advertising in their place.) that I felt like I wasn't in Cebu for two days! lol! We arrived at around  3:30 pm and occupied two suite rooms and I could really say their service is really good from the moment you check in 'til the moment you leave. And not to mention the amazing things you can do there from the long slides of the pool to the restaurants and spa's, two days is surely not enough! But most of us are busy people (including me having classes) that's why. But we can always come back y'know! haha. Anyway before I'll show you everything, let me start with my "check in look" basically my first outfit when I arrived there. duhh! haha.

I managed to go bright and loose at the same time and whenever travelling, always bring things that goes well with almost everything so that you won't pack a lot. So expect for my sunnies and fedora to be over used in this post and to the next post. Teehee. Nothing even beats my super comfy shorts with its cute print from WAGW. Well, what do you think? Apologies for the photo quality, my sister and I took outfit shots a bit late already, we almost missed the sun since we got busy.

[Thrifted top/necklaces, WAGW shorts/fedora, Forever 21 wedges, Hermes clutch, From L.A. sunnies]

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We were so lucky that there was an event the night we were there even if the event was exclusively for Koreans, we still enjoyed watching it. And nothing beats being with your family of course!

My sister Zam and I call this "elevator vanity". lol!

There was this amazing entertainment that night during the event and its obviously fire dancing. It was dead amazing and a bit scary at the same time even though they were professional fire dancers!

I changed to a more comfy outfit when we had dinner and when we were strolling around. I'm so proud of this photo (above) 'cause my Dad took it for me for the first time! It's not that bad right?

[Trendphile corset, WAGW shorts/long see through cardigan/fedora, Tutum flats, Hermes clutch]

The night was indeed young and full of memories. Stay tuned for part two where there are more fun happenings!

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