Mint and Dots

Tease the summer season and let the skater skirts overflow! I bet you've noticed I've been wearing them lately well, expect more! Blame everything to the hot hot season that I couldn't just stand wearing jeans for long every weekdays (since I have classes) and I can't even stand wearing shorts anymore either. To make it straight to the point, its time to let your intimate areas breathe! (And that means you still have to wear your undies okay? duhh. lol.) Because wearing too much fitting bottoms will darken your side areas. I do hope you got what I meant. And how to get rid of that as much as possible? Change your usual go-to shorts to go-to skirts! There are different styles of skirts but if you're in the same age group as me and below, I'd say skater skirts are perfect!

This season is not really the time to go matchy matchy. If you still remember when color blocking got very trendy last summer? Well, its time to reborn it! But we'll make it different this time through accessories. Make sure that all the colors complement each other no matter how different they are but of course, don't make it over the top. I definitely love how comfy my bandeau is from Binkydoodles. I have them in three different sorbet colors and I can even style them in a lot of ways! I tried the simple knot at the back on this so that it won't bulge at the back since I always keep things interesting and the see through mesh cardi from WAGW did it this time.

What do you think about my look?

[Binkydoodles wrap bandeau, WAGW sheer mesh cardi/three layer necklace, Tangerine skirt, Topshop bag, People Are People heels, Mauve aztec necklace, Mia Casa braided bracelet]

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  1. mint! <3 very summery!
    btw.. followed your blog!

  2. you worked in IP? :)
    I had my ojt there before!:)
    wla lng. haha

    1. No I don't. I'm still a student. Teehee.