Doctor Bag

Have you ever tried deciding what to wear on the day of the scheduled event or whereabouts already? I bet a lot of times, yes? Well on my part, I oftenly do that. Why? Because if I'll know that there's a need to go somewhere on that day especially when I'm informed super advanced, my mind displays all the clothes in my wardrobe and I do all the styling in my mind as I lay myself to bed at night. I know, I know it sounds so weird but its weirdly the truth. lol!

If its not too obvious, I wore and shot this day on a gloomy weather and as I could remember, I spent the day shopping in this whole comfortable ensemble. It was amazingly unexpected for me to come up with this lace over polka dots layer, its not really my usual styling but I guess there's nothing to be blamed of 'cause I came up with this whole look on the day of the shopping day and I definitely loved how I ended up! How about you?

Flats is a must when doing shopping right? So I made sure that I still look stylish, I ended up with my over used rivets flats. I could wear a gazillion outfits with this pair 'cause its such a statement and I get good complements whenever I wear these pair. And as usual, I pile easy neutral and put together arm candies and my usual neutral make up as well! Not to mention my "doctor" bag (yes, that's what I call it) which reminds me of...well literally, the bag of doctors (duhh! haha). I over use this bag as well, I bet you've noticed it since it could be stylish like the way I used it here and it could also be used as a sling bag as what you've seen on my previous posts with the same bag.

Here's a little key for college students like me; I know that most of us want a lot of things especially apparels we like (tops, bottoms, dresses, you name it) but since we have a limited amount of money to spend for it (because we have much more important things to pay) always look for pieces that you can think of dressing up a gazillion ways! See how much I style differently my Topshop super over used trousers, my laced outerwear and even my polka dot top that has a peek a boo at the back? Those are just some of the pieces in my wardrobe that I style a lot and most people don't even notice it. You can even use your dresses as skirts or use the top of your dress as a top! All you need to do is to be creative and style in your own unique ways of course. *winking smile*

What do you think about my look?

[Forever 21 top/belt, Charlotte Russe outerwear, Topshop trousers, Romwe rivets flats, Primadonna bag, SM Accessories necklace, A.G. Cordeshoppe spiked bracelet (right arm), Eazy Fashion bracelets (left arm)]

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