Lace Craze

If you're thinking I'd be blogging emotionally in this post just like my current tweets, well, of course I won't say you're right! Haha! You'll probably won't visit my blog if I will. lol. Anyway, today's post is about what I wore on a lunch date yesterday. Actually, I really didn't have any idea where we we'll eat at first and most of all, I didn't have any idea if the weather will change from sunny to gloomy (but it actually did!) so I came up with this another "going safe" outfit and as usual, it worked!

Okay, so the idea of wearing sandals was not really part "going safe" but luckily, my whole look was just right for the venue not to mention the good food they have at Oyster Bay! It was actually my first time there and I would definitely say that I'll eat there again! To know more about the place click here for access to their website and click here for access to their Facebook page.

I was beyond happy I purchased these laced palazzo pants from WAGW. It definitely gave me that comfort the whole day. I felt like I was wearing my pj's! (no kidding around!) I also kept my accessories into a minimal and decided to sling my bag for that bohemian vibe. 

You may have noticed the quality of my photos in this post isn't really that good. Well that's because I was just using my old digital camera. Apologies! Majority of my pose is even "smile-y". Oh well, the perks of having fun. I was really having a good time with my lunch date yesterday.

What do you think?

[Papaya Clothing corset, Charlotte Rousse lace outerwear, WAGW palazzo pants/belt, Primadonna bag, Pinky Toes sandals, Gift from my friend and aunt necklace and Tory Burch bracelet]

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  1. Love your lace layering! Great job with the styling.

    And mmmm oysters... <3


  2. Thanks Youri! And I have to say the food was really great!