Post Valentine

There are a lot of a few important things to consider when you're a student that even a very special day isn't an exception for that! I bet you've noticed I haven't been socially interacting around the wide world of web, that's how busy I was (and I am still) in school. But luckily still, I was glad that I didn't have exams during the most special day on the month of February--Valentine's Day!

It took me hours to think on what to wear on this special day but the thought of going fashion forward never did came up to my mind because valentine's day for me is like a day to show the femininity side of every girl. So since I knew that color red will surely be common as well as dresses during that day, I decided to go simply studded in gold, comfortable yet casual and accessory less by wearing trousers over a blazer. And the feminine part? The tank + bandeau combination under my blazer!

I really loved how my blue bandeau made a pop on my whole outfit. If I took off my blazer, my whole look will really be different, so imagine how a single apparel would make a change on an ensemble! Btw, if you're so curious on what I did during heart's day, well, I just had a single awareness day lunch date. That simple and memorable since I was super busy that week but hey, valentine's day isn't only exclusive for couples y'know so I hope all my single readers dressed up and had fun last Thursday!

I stacked up my favorite braided and twisted candy colored necklaces to make a statement and a studded bracelet plus my favorite slim rings that screams very much of Valentine's day so I can move around easily since I went to the mall afterwards.

On the other side of note, have you noticed my hair has grown about an inch already? I'll surely need a hair treatment few months from now! Oh well, time really flies fast. Feels like I just got my hair treated yesterday. Jeeez. I hope I gave you new ideas on what to wear on lunch dates or on special days like Valentine's 'cause sometimes, we need to go try other things for a change or experience right?

What do you think about my look?

[Bayo tank (old), Papaya Clothing bandeau, WAGW blazer/belt, Gap trousers, Cole Vintage brogues, A.G. Cordeshoppe necklaces, Tomato bracelet (part of a set), Accessorize rings, Parisian clutch]

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