Thin and Bold

They say when you reach 18, you need to act appropriately, more matured and even dress appropriately but hey, its quite hard to adjust quickly especially when you know you're still on the "teen" level, right? Today's post is about trying to dress a little bit mature while still going trendy and not over the age level!

If I'm on the age level 20 plus, I'll surely change my bag to something that I could carry around and hang on my arm and say that I'm on set for a meeting. But I'm still not so I'll stick to sling bags for that age appropriate dressing. I wore this outfit once on a random Saturday and I could really say that its so comfortable and stylish but of course, I didn't walk all day wearing my high heels. You'll see me wear flats in the same look in a bit.

I've always loved pairing or accessorizing colors' black and brown. They've been looking elegant in my eyes lately or could it be because I always love a touch of bohemian in most of my looks? Its for you and me to find out! lol. 

What I love most about my outfit is the way I piled my necklaces over my thin striped top. They're so perfect for each other with the fact that my top is actually a dress. Another application of my key technique for college dressing! I chose to go with neutrals on my make up so that everything in my look will stand out.

And since I did a lot of walking that day, I managed to wear one of my over used tan flats from Bayo which I first posted here (if you still remember my very first entry post). At least I made my feet happy that day! Never ever push yourself to wear heels in a long span of time especially when you can't take it anymore, always manage to have flats so that your soles and legs won't hurt or else you'll suffer the consequences!

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW dress (worn as top)/ mesh skirt, Forever 21 heels (old), Primadonna bag, SM Accessories necklaces, Eazy Fashion black and gold bracelets (left arm), A.G. Cordeshoppe double ribbon bracelet (right arm), From US brown and nude bracelets]

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