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When a day is scheduled for a lot of transactions and hanging out with good friends at the same time with the gloomy weather, its quite hard to go casual nor go street style. Its just too awkward to go casual while hanging out with friends and or go street style while doing transactions. (well, for me) #funnytruth!

Okay, I know. Please don't give me that "its that trousers again" look. You really couldn't blame me for having a gazillion looks with this one! But if you've noticed, this ensemble is quite similar to my old post here yet if I'll compare both, I'd definitely say that this one's better. How about you?

Since the weather has been going gloomy and moody lately here in Cebu and since I knew I'll be doing a lot of walking, I made it sure that I feel comfortable and in minimal arm blings so that I can move freely.

I went for cuffs and a little braided boho with gems bracelet and my super comfy boots plus a waterproof back pack that I got from my sister's wardrobe. lol! Everything I just made sure to secure myself just in case it will rain. Oh well, its always best to get ready, its not easy to get sick these days especially when you're in college!

Finally after weeks of being a busy bee due to a lot of exams lately, I finally blogged a new post and its definitely not a late one! *happy dance* As always, ending a busy day is really tiring but when you'll recall all the chitchats and laughs you've been doing with your friends, everything does pay off most especially the stress. I really really had fun with you guys yesterday (Nojin, Ara, Monica, Janyn, Alyssa and Janen). And thanks for taking my outfit shots Ara with the help of Janyn!

What do you think about my look?

[Promod cardigan (worn as top,old) and belt (old), Topshop trousers (old), WAGW necklace (under), SM Accessories necklace (top), House of Luxe cream cuff, Tomato brown cuff/bracelet (part of a set), Forever 21 boots, From L.A. socks, Sister's bag]

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