Cheers for 2013!

Time really passes by so quick that even one single day is sometimes not enough to do everything what is needed to be done for the entire day! Recalling way back June 2012 when I blogged my very first post about Bloggers United 4, everything was still unstable 'cause I wasn't as much as knowledgeable about the blogosphere and I still have very very few readers during that time compared to now. Oh how time passes! Well I still couldn't say to myself that I'm already expert in blogging but I could prove that I've improved much much better compared before. I hope someone would agree! Haha! *taps back*

Anyway, the photos in this post were just taken hours ago. I really managed to do a post at this hour 'cause I wanted to share a few things to everyone. I hope you'll enjoy! Since my family is partly Chinese, we always have these traditions every new year and it gets a lot more traditional things to follow during Chinese new year. Here are some of the things we prepared and did a while ago;

The first and third photo (excluding the one I'm in) means luck and prosperity within the entire family as what I've always known and there are still other meanings about it that I didn't keep in mind. What we always do when the clock strikes 12 is to throw all the coins from a bag all around the house. That's what's on the second photo and we never clean up until January 1 ends! Oh well, of course I did the jumping and shouting and making noise thingy like what every petite girl in this world does. Haha!

Everyone was served a glass of champagne in our family to welcome 2013. The celebration was indeed loud and fun! And before I end this quick post, I'll show you a little teaser on what I wore:

If its not too obvious yet, the reason why I painted myself this past few days Emerald Green is because it is the pantone for 2013! And I have my own styling 101 with it which I wore for today's celebration. Looking forward to post the whole look tomorrow.

I only promise myself few things every new year--Pray, think positive and live life to the fullest!
What's yours?
Good dawn everyone and happy 2013!!!


  1. Hi there i enjoyed reading your blog :) & you're so cute and pretty.. ^-^


    1. Hello! Thank you! I hope you'll keep on coming back here in my blog.