Nerdy for Rust

The usual bottom wear that's easy for me to throw on a day out of the house are trousers. The one I'm wearing here is even pants, I just did some DIY and transformed it into trousers! I really couldn't explain why, that's just really me. In my opinion, what ever you may think of pairing your trousers, it will always look stylish especially the colored ones. They will instantly make your look head turning. If you still remember how much I over use my pink Topshop trousers. *winks*

What I did in this outfit is one no brainer thing. My goal was to pop the rust color of my trousers so I ended up with beige and nude hues--my colors!! I wore this whole look to a day at the mall and to another late family Christmas party but wherever my feet would take me on a day with this look, it will definitely look fine I guess.

I was really busy the entire day that I didn't had even just a little time to take outfit shots while the sun was still up plus I got home late so I didn't really have any choice but to do outfit shots indoors and on night time for the second time! Oh, #bloggerproblems *rolling my eyes* On the other hand, I really really love my new clutch from Parisian! The moment I saw it on the racks at the mall, I bought it with no hesitation. I mean c'mon, the studded details makes it so trendy plus the creamy color is soo me! It was easy to accessorize this outfit as well, I just threw in related color hues in accessorizing; nude, gold, orange, beige/yellowish bangle not to mention my new thrifted nerdy glasses! I bought it together with the one I wore here. The most funny part in this look by the way was my trousers. Since I bought it at Gap in USA, it was a size zero but its really still loose on me. lol! I needed to wear a belt so I chose a gold slim belt from WAGW. I guess you could see it in some of the shots.

What do you think about my look?

[Forever 21 top (old), Gap pants (DIY as trousers), Pinky Toes sandals, Thrifted glasses, Parisian clutch, Tomato pyramid gold bracelet (part of a set), Mauve nude/gold bracelet, Fuego (USA) orange/gold and beige round bracelet, WAGW belt, Gift from my aunt snakeskin bangle]

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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