You Are The Neons In My Gray World

If you followed me and you didn't remember, the photo above was the one I status/tweeted last night that I used as a trailer for my next post. And here it is finally! Are you ready to see the very first outfit that I styled in this new retro sunnies?

If you've always thought that fashion is all about the heels, booties, midi's, flats, oxfords and other kinds of footwear well, this post will prove you wrong. What I'm trying to say is, if you're the kind of girl who loves wearing sneakers, rubber shoes or high cut rubber shoes like what I'm wearing, expressing nor discovering your style simply doesn't stop there just because you're comfortable wearing those kind of shoes. In fact, you can be expressive in your own way no matter how/what apparels, footwear or accessories you're really comfortable with.

Not to mention that my sunnies are so retro designed, I started styling it in a different way! This whole ensemble (except for the high cut rubber shoes that I don't always wear) is one ordinary style that I wear when MT (Medical Technology) students are given the chance to wear civillian attire during classes. As I've said before, I don't usually style much when going to school most especially when there are classes. A simple shirt, jeans, flats, fashion bag and a few accessories will do!

As you've noticed, some of my photos are bright and some seem like I took this shot on a gloomy weather. Well you can't blame me 'cause the weather here in Cebu yesterday was quite confusing and me and my friend who took these outfit shots for me were chasing the sun! Like we'll stop for a moment when it will be covered by the gloomy clouds and afterwards, we'll continue shooting when the sun is there again. Haha! It was quite tiring waiting but definitely fun!

The set of photos above are another set of my "awkward" and stolen shots. I hope you still have the guts to finish reading this post and the future posts to come after seeing these photos. LOL!

A little talk about my shoes, I got this pair way back high school and it still looks so new which proves that I really don't use it a lot. Harhar.

What do you think about my look?
P.S. Thank you so much to Pearly for taking these outfit shots for me!

[Thrifted top/sunnies, No Boundaries (USA) jeans, Nike shoes (old), Edge Co necklaces, House of Luxe spiked bangle, Marni bag (old)]

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