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Despite of all the happenings that had happened last week; I got really sick. REALLY-which includes that vomiting thing and another thing that I really need not to mention 'cause I hate to remember again how I felt last week, I finally had time to blog. It took a few days for me to recover but its good to say, I'm better now than last week except that I have this annoying colds that's destroying my jolly mood. Nevertheless, I really managed to do this post today because I wanted to express something. Teehee.

The photos above are my most favorite outfits that I've blogged so far. But to tell you honestly, I have so so so many many many looks scribbling in my mind each and everyday and I can assure you enough to show those to you on my future blog posts, not to mention the fact that I've got quite a lot of things to do for school within the break too plus, I still have quite a lot also of transactions hanging but processing. Ack! All these things are slowly killing me even by just thinking on all of them! Well, I need to manage everything though 'cause all of those are part of my daily routine. *smiles*

Anyway, I really really want to say my big big THANK YOU to all my readers (I hope you'll forgive me for constantly repeating words. They deeply come from my heart. #echos!) most especially to those who were with me from the very start of this blog. Its my first time to celebrate Christmas as a blogger by the way and I really am happy. I do love blogging so much and it will not keep on improving without my readers--YOU! All of you inspire me more than anything else I can share in this blog. I hope you can forgive me for not posting everyday, being a student is also my responsibility. But I am beyond thankful that all of you are still visiting my site even if I haven't posted something new yet. It actually makes me want to blog some more and it makes me feel that most of you are waiting for my next posts and it really touches my heart :)) So thank you very much to all my readers I am looking forward to know some of you or if it happens-all of you! You can always email me anything on my contact page. I hope our relationship as blogger-reader will continue for the rest of the years to come.

And by the way, to those who voted for me on the styling contest that I joined in this post, thank you so much as well. I won 2nd place on judge's picks! Yaaaay! If you haven't seen the results yet, click here. I'll be flying to Manila around first week of January to get my prizes, yes with that letter 's' because I will receive a lot. Haha! My readers will get some dibs too! Will post it as soon as possible!

I'm wishing everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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