Year End Chill

Driving around for straight days trying to do a few chores asked, a few yearly holiday parties attended and last minute preps pretty much sums up my holiday rush! And I know, I know I'm here again publishing an end of the month blog post. What's happening to The Girl Who Thought of Style? Nothing that bad actually, I guess there's just a lot of adjustments since the -ber months started for me. New experiences and challenges came day by day and I'm having quite a hard time coping up but facing them the best way I could. And I should mention I did a few mistakes that made me so happy btw, because it made me so learned about the things I find new lately. If you've seen my current instagram (@zaaaaiii) posts, I just cut and treated my hair (yay! what do you think though?) so this is my last post with long locks which I really miss so much without regrets of cutting it short at the same time. lol. With all these new challenges life offered me now that I'm twenty, I'm more than open to face on what's coming this new year the best way I know. I'm sure we all have different experiences but shouldn't you be, too?

I can be one of the most calm people you'd ever meet probably because most emotions occur deep inside me lol! But just like what I learned about being a yogi, having a calm state usually leads to better choices and decisions that will later on show through actions. If you're the kind of person that finds it quite hard keeping calm, then this icy-looking ensemble might help you get started. A cool mint + royal blue combination- who would've thought, right? Little style tip; with the right color combinations, no matter how simple your apparels look, like these tee + shorts that I did will still make your outfit standout. Not to mention the 2015 pantone Marsala actually looks good paired with blue! 

Let's get ready ahead for 2015!

What do you think about my look?

[Gap v-neck tee, CFTG shorts (old), Romwe slip-ons (old), WAGW leather braided belt, F21 accessories, Love Eyecandy bag, Hermes watch]

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  1. I totally agree with what you've said! I'm even planning of stocking up more plain tees for 2015. I want to wear more casual outfits. Hehe. :)

    BTW, love love love your blue shorts! :)