Dark Elegance

I believe this is my longest backlog this year or could be the longest I felt, one reason why I'm starting this post off with this very dramatic shot. Something you don't always see in this blog though I'm still working on a perfect shot, this was the closest one I had after the time consuming twirls I did. lol. Anyhoo, I do think that my very few loyal readers deserve an explanation on what I went through the past few weeks so let me make this quick- I had an enrollment for second semester (I'm pretty sure you already know how this went) and my schedule's all new to me and I've been adjusting to it up to now (insert blogger work of course), I got sick for about a week and then there's too many studying going on already but don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't prioritize this passion too and yes, I do miss it as much as you do. But did you know I try to catch up on Instagram if I can't make it through this blog? Its like my blogger life saver! lol. 

Now that I'm more than happy to be back, let's move on. My favorite season will always be spring and summer but what helps me not loving fall any less is surely the elegance of its hues especially when combined like what I did in this Sunday outfit. Rust and emerald green are my favorites and because they're both effortlessly boho and grand, I didn't mind stacking up.

Fall may be gloomy and a bit freezy but there's really something to look forward to it. Hope you had a great Sunday!

What do you think about my look?

[F21 top (old), H&M skirt, WAGW hat, Zara sandals, Extreme Finds necklace]

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  1. I think it's cute! Love your top and hat! :) I don't feel confident wearing a skirt that long because I'm short and "chubby". Haha. And it makes me look shorter! The skirt looks great on you! :)


    1. You should try them, maxi skirts always do the trick for extra height! Thanks Janine!