Shake It Off

The holidays may be over and its probably back to normal days to most of us but the remnants of its spirit is definitely still around! I'm sure when we get back to school or at the office we'll still be talking about it. If I were to choose between the two best holidays, I'd always pick New Year not that I dislike Christmas but maybe it's because our family offers more food, firecrackers and fireworks, traditions and games compared to Christmas'. Moreover, there's always something to look forward to every new year. Its like an empty slate about to be written with new things, experiences and struggles authored by ourselves with a little inspiration from the past years. Sounds wonderful, don't you think? And that's why today, I'll be showing you a side of me that not most people know. New years eve makes me insanely giddy inside!!! And I do have that side just like you have your crazy side. lol! I came up with this playful look that I thought I could also wear at Disneyland or any amusement park excluding the "torotot", of course. Enjoy the photos!!x

Guess what song I was singing! Hahaha. #sorrynotsorry

One of the things I also look forward every new year is jumping when the hand of the clock strikes twelve! #petiteproblems Let's shake and kick off 2014! Thank you to my most loyal readers who've been sticking with me since I started this blog. I do hope I don't bore you yet, there's more to come this year! Much love!!

[SM GTW top, Romwe shorts, Accessories and Watermelon Co leather snapback cap, Abby Jocson bag, RayBan sunnies, Hublot watch]

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