Spring Ready

Sunny mornings in cold temps and snow storms at the East Coast, how are we supposed to feel the spring spirit coming our way? But just like the F/W NYFW which was officially done few days ago, the snow storms never stopped anybody and that got me inspired to push through this spring ready look by doing an indoor shoot. You have no idea how hard it is to attempt a daily outfit shot here, I actually tried my best countless times but it just really fails. But I kept trying until I get at least one done and I finally have! 

Doesn't this get up look perfect on my age despite the fact that I only have seven months to enjoy being a teen? #DepressingFact lol! Made me realize I might have to dress myself a lot teeny-like while still having the time. But on the other side of note, I didn't wear any shoes which is odd but unexpectedly amazing at the same time. Doing this made me remember my high school days when black tights were very useful everytime we used to compete with other high school levels on a pop jazz competition. Those were the good old days I'll never forget and one of the things you didn't know about me, I might add. I was a dancer for nine wonderful years from grade school to high school, I performed different kinds of dances when I was a kid and a more modern and mature dances during high school but more on the pop jazz genre. I also had the chance be a leader a couple of times and had taught the members of my class who joined the group. I won't deny it, I miss dancing a lot! Life in college and being in the course that I enrolled made me stop dancing. It's not something to be complained about but I'm actually glad to have discovered another gift and talent that I didn't know I have during my dancing years- my love for fashion and my own style.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top and cardigan (old), H&M skirt, Marks & Spencer tights, Forever 21 necklace, From Seattle hair accessory, Hublot watch]

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