Give Some Lovin'

Happy spread some lovin' day!! How's your day going so far? If it didn't start right, there's still plenty of time to fix that! You can always start with a smile. Who knows it might brighten someone's bad day or brightens you both? My photo may be so simple but I see so much meaning of it on this special day. I'm sure most couples are having their surprise or amazing dates today or later tonight but let's not forget our mom, dad, brother/s, sister/s, auntie's, uncle's, cousins, neighbors, friends and all our loved ones (include your enemies too!) who have been with us until today. Because most of the time we're all too busy with so much things going on and we forget to value the little things that are already in front of us and the daily gifts that we have and receive- them. Life's too short and we shouldn't forget that. So here's to more eye opening mornigs from this day on! Spread the love!!!


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