Fire and Wood

I have these three social networking accounts namely Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that I, most of the time update everything important that you should know and post anything that I would randomly think or even share some good reads that I've read. Most of the time, I post and update the same thing to the three sites but often times, I only post to twitter and fb, or only to either and sometimes post to instagram alone. And that should definitely be one very important thing that my loyal readers should know. So follow me now! (I might have my first giveaway for the year) *wink wink!

Today's post is an idea of the perfect "lucky" outfit for the Chinese New Year this coming Friday. And mind you when the word lucky is said, it usually means that black is not allowed! Black may be a very trendy color this season and I'm pretty sure that most of you love black (I'd be honest enough to say that I am as well!), but let's just give black a hall pass this Friday, okay? The Chinese side of my family has so many traditional beliefs and the Chinese new year is not an exception to do or follow them. I've actually adopted what I've learned from my family and manage to update myself yearly as well. I just hope that my siblings will do the same especially my sister, who has adopted the Filipino culture more than I have. Haha!

I guess you've noticed my photo logos haven't changed yet. We're actually still working on it since we've experienced problems and I can't just delay this post for everyone. #Dedicated You're welcome! Moving on, red (for fire) is obviously a must every Chinese new year because it represents luck and since the year 2014 is the year of the wooden horse, I decided to pair this over sized cashmere cardigan with a cognac brown maxi skirt from H&M taking cue from the wooden horse. Isn't it the perfect match and didn't I do what I said on Instagram few weeks ago? lol! I was having quite a hard time looking for any footwear that I could pair in this whole look because I only brought four pairs that I could occasionally change when I got here last October and the rest of my footwear are left back at home so I had to go through my mom's shoesies and luckily, I found something that's not black! 

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

What do you think about my look?

[H&M overi sized cardigan/maxi skirt/fedora, Forever 21 necklace, WAGW belt, Mom's vintage top and flats]

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