Street Sailor in Olympia

If you followed me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I'm pretty sure you've noticed me tweet and post some photos about Olympia few days ago. I'm sure not all of you knew (but if you did, great!) that USA celebrated Martin Luther King day last Monday and according to my mom's co-worker, almost all the Catholic group around Washington State do a gathering every after Martin Luther King day at the Washington State Capitol which is located at Olympia. The purpose of the gathering is about "Pro-Life" linked to the main problem of abortion here in the United States. But! Before you react violently (yes, I needed that exclamation point Lol), I'm not going to discuss about it here in my blog and neither let it be an argument here. Basically, my mom's co-worker asked us (my Mom and I) to go with her just to experience it and support as well since we're also Catholic by religion. I actually see it more as an opportunity to explore some parts of Olympia (since it's the capital city of Washington State) and of course, take touristy outfit shots! Haha.

Before we proceed to my outfit, let me give you a brief knowledge about the Washington State Capitol. When I first saw the capitol, it reminded me of the city halls back at home where local politicians' offices are found and government employees work. I'm pretty sure there's not quite big difference. WSC or also known as the Legislative Building is the home of the government of Washington State. And mind you, there were some politicians who were there to speak about the said topic too. I guess the elections will be happening soon. There were so many people who supported in all sorts of ages. It was a great experience.

Honestly, I didn't really know the exact things we would do that day until it was happening. Haha! So as safe as I could, I just thought of making up a theme for the day and I gladly ended in a street sailor one. Navy blue, heather gray, white, yellow, and red, are simply one of the hues that reminded me of the 90's hit cartoon character Sailor Moon. Don't you, too? The only difference is that, she wears a skirt and I on the other hand wear trousers, she's a cartoon character and I'm real. It's something that would fit in our different worlds. lol!

The colors in my look were so loud that I decided to tone down on my accessories. I picked gold since it was a good pop and shimmer without over doing the loudness of the colors in my outfit. And there was sunlight too, which made my street sailor look more appropriate 'cause what is sailor when there's no sunlight? Okay, okay I made that up but you get the point. 

What do you think about this look?
P.S. I did gain weight. Psshh! More yoga!

[Merona blazer, WAGW top (old), H&M trousers (old)/bag, Sugarfree oxfords, Esprit polka dot socks, Forever 21 bear ring/thunderbolt necklace (similar here), Urban Outfitters interlocked necklace, American Eagle Outfitters long strap watch]

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