Red Velvet is not only for Cupcakes

No, my skirt is not a cupcake! And don't even think of eating my skirt. lol! Well not literally. There are two different things that I had to do the whole day (in different places) that I needed to come up with one outfit that'll take me anywhere. My day started with school and the mid part was at the mall and it ended at I.T. Even if its scorching hot, I will never wear a cropped top with a few cuts in it at school because it is very inappropriate, right? So instead of layering the usual's (cardigans, boleros, blazers, etc.), why not try kimonos? They're perfect this summer season and its chiffon layers makes an outfit chic in an instant!

A day full of walking, learning and bonding requires full flats! And in this outfit, I meant chic brogues that's perfect for summer since it has open cuts at the sides to make your feet breathe. Because of the style of my cropped top, I don't need to pile on necklaces but I did some arm parties instead. Added up some sunnies and I was really good to go! Not to mention sling bags, well, that's what I really use this summer. It makes me move around so easily and it does store almost everything I want to carry. This bag is really perfect, I've used this when I traveled, summer classes, and now even wherever I go!

By the way, I watched Ironman 3 with this look! I'm not really in to superhero or hero heroine movies, it was my first time to watch one and, yeah, I admit it was nice. Big big thanks to that someone closest to my heart for exerting the effort of really pushing me to watch it with him. haha! The velvet skirt made me feel like I'm in my pj's the whole time. Well, I guess you could really call it a summery casual day/night that day.

What do you think about my look?

[WAGW top, Random kimono (whoever sent me this, please pm me so I can credit you!), Tangerine skirt, Cole Vintage brogues, Forever 21 bag, Mia Casa braided bracelet, From US orange and blue slim bracelets, Tomato spiked bracelet (part of a set), Topshop sunnies]

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