Corporate For Summer

Helloooo! Just finished with class few hours ago. It always feels great to blog on time. I wish I could do this daily (but sadly, I can't. but I'm always trying my best). Never mind asking me what I learned from class today 'cause seriously, its NOTHING related to fashion and beauty and yes, I need to all caps that. lol! And you wouldn't understand it anyway but okay for the sake of saying, I learn new things, well, everyday.

Today's post is just really quick and short but very inspiring in a way. I wore this outfit last week during my summer class with the exception of the heels by the way. (I wouldn't want to hassle myself in learning new things you know! haha.) This is one outfit where you'll see what a pair of shoes does in a whole outfit. Apologies if I don't have a photo to show you wearing flats though but I paired this with tan flats when I wore this in school and it did look school appropriate in a way, and now I'm wearing it with platform heels which transformed into work wear, can you see it now? I hope so! This is one ensemble you can wear corporately this summer, with the lace over denim and mesh skirt, it is bright and trendy at the same time.

What do you think about my look?
*Photos by: Neil U.

[Charlotte Russe lace outerwear, Monkee Business denim top, WAGW skirt, Forever 21 bag, People Are People heels, Tomato bracelets (part of a set)]

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  1. Saw this on chictopia and I love your skirt! <3
    would you like to follow each other? :) xx

    1. Thanks for loving my skirt and for following Ashleigh! Followed you back :)