Like A Goddess

This is what happens after I put all my focus in the remaining weeks for finals. The result? Dress up as neutral as I could! lol. You know how much I love nude hues (beige, tan, skin tone, brown. name it.) right? Oh well, I just missed seeing the hue that easily attracts my eyes! I hope you guys could bear with me. That's how much I miss the blogosphere as well and luckily, I have all the time now. Yay!

Enough of the excitement (but I still am and I know you guys are too. haha), I wore this to a date with my best friend. I have quite a lot of very close friends and I'm currently starting to hang out again with them since school is over and I miss them so bad na. So, expect to see most of my posts within the week worn on a best friend date!

I was really glad on how I came up with this ensemble because every bit of it clearly speaks about my style and my favorite colors. Besides the nude, tan and beige hues that you could see, the style of my romper is subtly interesting and so feminine at the same time. I could hardly tell if I'm in bohemian or vintage, it gets close to both but which is closer? You guess! Shorts and loose top rompers are so common but the long hem on my romper makes it so unique. I got this since last year and I just wore it this year. Can you believe it? haha!

The best part of the look was accessorizing it and I did it with another favorite color of mine--red. Little adds of brown and matte gold and not to mention the gold studs on my new sandals from Tutum. They're so pretty that my feet looked ugly on the shot. lol. I seriously didn't know what happened there. If you could still remember when I said my feet tends to feel shy on cameras. I guess it did the same thing here. But anyway, have you noticed my pretty cute belt? It complemented perfectly on my romper. They look so meant to be! I added some extra colors like blue and tangerine on my arm candies to give it a summery touch.

You must be wondering about the title of this post. Its actually inspired by the photos above. Haha! I just felt like a goddess above that little round cement that I stepped on. I guess I'm a modern goddess since I have lots of accessories and a clutch! Teehee.

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic romper (old), A.G. Cordeshoppe red and brown necklace (under), SM Accessories matte gold and brown necklace (top), Tutum sandals, WAGW clutch, Forever 21 (USA) belt]

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