Color the Day

There's always something about summer that makes us want to stay colorful as possible right? But not way too much of course that'll make you look clowny. (lol. I just invented a word) I guess that's how important color wheels are even if it was only taught during our primary days, yet it gives so much relevance how different colors complement each other. Believe me, the color wheels we've studied before has a big relevance to color blocking, well, that is in the world of fashion. (wait. did I just sound like I studied fashion? K fine you caught me but I'd be on the safe side, that's just what I learned hee)

I wore this to an afternoon date with my bff who last hanged out with me during my debut party. I guess you could really say that we were both busy with school. It was great catching up with him to a lot of things and happenings. We spent the afternoon together at I.T. So if you saw someone walking around I.T. park that looked like somebody who's about to fly because of the wind and the long cardigan last weekend, then boom that was me. lol!

Long cardigans always polishes a look no matter what you pair it with; shorts, skirts, pants or leggings just like what I did in this look. And since its a sure come back trend again this summer, you can always use it as a cover up to protect your skin under the harmful heat of the sun. If it isn't too obvious yet, I'm really starting to feel the summer season that's why I came up with this outfit.

I just couldn't get over how my old Zara top complemented the galaxy print on my leggings but one of the statements I made in this outfit besides the long cardigan are my pair of red wedges. I really like the design and style that I could think of a lot of outfits to pair and play it with. I didn't manage to wear arm candies so that its easier for me to move around but I'm pretty sure my necklace was enough.

What do you think about my look?

[Zara top, Pinkaholic leggings (old), The Stylogist long cardigan, Forever 21 wedges/necklace, Mango Accessories bag]

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  1. I just found your sanctuary and I can say that I really love your blog!..Keep inspiring us and always believe that someday you'll be like Ms. Kryz Uy!!
    by the way, if you have time po kindly visit my tumblr account and plug it!!.PLEASE!..:).
    Daghan Salamat

  2. Thank you Mae! I hope you'll visit my blog again :)